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Position Purpose :

Develop and support design and innovation strategy for talent outreach and acquisition, user experience transformation, organizational transformation, and design team transformation.

Develop strategic relationships through high-quality digital experiences with corporations, law firms, universities / institutions of higher education, NGOs, grassroots organizations, community / political leaders, ADI-focused organizations, affinity groups, and government agencies globally.

The Creative Director will be responsible for harnessing the social, cultural, and spatial coordination of technologies to optimize engagement and design a user experience that leverages technological innovation in order to facilitate connectivity to ADI candidates, TalentoTotal partners, and the social ecosystems that TalentoTotal supports.

The Creative Director will embed design into the decision-making of the executive team (CEO, CMO, COO, etc.) to enhance collaboration and develop a comprehensive design-centric strategic vision for the organization.

Support CEO and executive team in management of day-to-day operations in business / relationship origination, website development, marketing, and talent acquisition (internal and external).

A key focus will be placed on infusing design into all facets of the organization and continuously transforming the organization to achieve TalentoTotal's mission.

Position Background / Context :

TalentoTotal aims to make Latin America more competitive and inclusive by accelerating the careers of high-achieving women and men from underrepresented communities Afro-descendant Indigenous (ADI) through coaching, mentoring, professional development, and leadership training to increase the number of diverse leaders in businesses and organizations.

In addition, TalentoTotal provides a talent and leadership pipeline for leading industries across Latin America.

This role focuses on the design and innovation aspects of TalentoTotal's services and value proposition. The Creative Director works closely with the CEO, CoS, COO, executive team, and strategic partners to ensure program success and infuse design into all aspects of TalentoTotal's operations and strategic vision.

The role provides global exposure to multiple business sectors, intergovernmental agencies, community / political leaders, universities / institutions of higher education, and key influencers across Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

You will work in a typical start-up environment with limited resources that requires you to be able to do any and everything (e.

g., web development, language translation, presentation development, strategic planning etc.) to ensure organizational success.

This role will require global travel (United States, Latin America, Europe, etc.) for periods ranging from one to two weeks per visit to build and maintain the design team and represent the organization's brand at international functions and in press.

Travel expenses will be covered by TalentoTotal.

Key Responsibilities :

Set ambitious, yet clearly quantified goals that integrate cross-functional collaboration and interactions across organizational verticals (e.

g., marketing, operations, finance, strategy, etc.).

The Creative Director is responsible for creating a strategy that improves user experience and shapes the way partners and global communities engage with TalentoTotal through innovation, analysis, and differentiation.

Work with the CEO, CoS, CMO, COO, CSO, coaches / mentors, and strategic partners to ensure that TalentoTotal infuses design thinking into all facets of the organization's day-to-day operations.

Develop relationships with design partners within corporations, creative agencies, art / design institutes, NGOs, grassroots organizations, ADI-focused organizations, affinity groups, universities / institutions of higher education, and government agencies in Latin America, the United States, and Europe.

Engage and collaborate daily with CMO, marketing managers, media partners, and social media following to deliver TalentoTotal's value proposition to diversity and inclusion, in addition to executive talent development, while simultaneously conveying the direct economic and professional benefit for candidates, companies, and organizational partners.

Develop and maintain knowledge of the developments in core relationships and explore synergies that lead to additional opportunities for creativity, growth, and innovation.

Maintain regular and frequent dialogue with the CEO, CoS, COO, CSO, and coaches / mentors to ensure design features are present within each executive team vertical.

Interact with TalentoTotal's network across North America, Latin America, and Europe to provide exposure for growth opportunities, strategic support, and additional talent pipelines with a keen focus on global ADI communities and sourcing the best design talent in the world.

Relationship management, including assisting in developing appropriate university admissions strategies and talent procurement at design institutions supported by demographic data, historical records, and current programs in the United States, Europe, and Latin America that are aligned with TalentoTotal's mission.

Provide high quality comprehensive design analysis both for internal and external marketing purposes (Social Media Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.

Social Media will be used extensively across multiple languages to source and attract talent in Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities.

Collaborate with CMO to produce strategic branding guide, tool kit, and identity guidelines to support best in class presentations, marketing material, and consistency across all platforms.

The Creative Director will develop strong relationships with (i) coaches / mentors who are graduates of elite universities and programs in the United States and Europe, (ii) multinational and national corporations and their leadership teams, and (iii) leading global art / design institutions.

Transforming user experience (time allocation - 60%)

  • Support development of innovative new business models
  • Improve experiences for customers by ensuring high-quality design, including ownership of all front-end interaction points (e.g., company website)
  • Drive design standardization across the organization with biennial design-standard reviews and two to four training sessions per year for designers
  • Discover and identify gaps and unmet or latent needs via quantitative and qualitative research, in addition to, talent segmentation and identification
  • Develop new concept designs and lead our design team by example
  • Design and track project metrics, pilot programs, tests, and scaling of prototypes
  • Execute the launch of new user experiences and ongoing measurement of product / service success and refinement
  • Transforming and creating the design team (time allocation - 25%)

  • Develop design team skills, supporting regular conference visits for different skill sets (e.g., user-experience conference)
  • Nurture a thriving community of designers through monthly internal engagements with staff and team members
  • Build and maintain the design team (including 3x campus recruiting visits per year)
  • Represent organization's brand at functions and in press (2 conference presentations per year, 1 article per quarter)
  • Allocate and prioritize the use of financial capital to support design thinking and execution within the organization, to include human resource management, productivity management, utilization management, and ensuring high quality standards
  • Create a healthy viable and thriving design team within the organization
  • Ensure technical skill development and high employee satisfaction within the design team
  • Transforming the organization (time allocation - 15%)

  • Represent design at top level of the organization : 2x CEO leadership meetings per month, 3x to 4x board meetings each year
  • Spread design by creating a common language and set of practices across organization (e.g., by hosting 2x education sessions per month)
  • Improve employee experience, represent design at the top level of the organization, spread design practices (e.g., user centricity, test and learn) across the organization
  • Development Value :

    Exposure to and engagement with Senior Corporate Management, Senior Government Officials, and Leaders in Higher Education, Design Thinking, and Brand Management.

    Opportunity to develop world class broad based management and client relationship skills.

    Opportunity to work in a small organization with a start-up culture that provides a valuable opportunity to understand entrepreneurship and how to build a business from the ground up, while simultaneously providing access to rapid career advancement and leadership opportunities.

    Opportunity to lead and grow a creative multicultural design team across different countries, continents, and cultures.

    Exposure to an open and multicultural working environment that affords extensive travel in Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

    An opportunity to develop a strong knowledge and understanding of intergovernmental affairs, international design thinking, global management, as well as exposure to senior political officials, diplomats, and international business leaders.

    Opportunity to develop a unique knowledge of complex and strategic operations across Latin America, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

    Team Member Specification

    Knowledge / Experience :

    Extensive design experience in either design-led organizations or agencies.

    Experience in positions of design leadership with proven track record.

    Experience in or strong exposure to Latin America or Europe with language capability in English AND fluency in one of the three following languages : Spanish, Portuguese, or French (i.

    e. must speak English at the advanced level or higher AND one additional language fluently : Spanish, Portuguese, or Frenc...

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